Vichar Samiti Collaborates with Policy Research Foundation Policy

Vichar Samiti Collaborates with Policy Research Foundation

Policy Research Foundation (PRF) is a think-tank primarily working on Economic Policies, Education, Environment and Various Awareness Programs. It works in close coordination with other governmental and non-governmental organizations. At present it is focusing on economic and environmental policies of states as well as center and proposes policy interventions for achieving sustained and balanced growth. PRF brings together experts in various fields and participants in the implementation process to achieve visible, effective and durable outcomes. PRF engages in its fields of operation in three capacities. First, it formulates policies. These policies are formulated by groups of experts working in different fields. Second, the policies are conveyed to the government officials and the PRF involves itself in the implementation process. Third is critical analysis of policies proposed and implemented. The third process is undertaken as an independent process to assess the impact and effectiveness of policies. The PRF also works in close coordination with think-tanks working on specific issues, NGOs working in different social and economic sectors and research and educational institutions established and run by governments.

Policy Research Foundation

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